I’m very fortunate to live waterside near Turnchapel and close to Plymouth Sound where I can be out on the sea whenever there are boats and sunshine to photograph.

I learnt to sail on a 30 foot Dragon racing yacht, I raced high performance dinghies at National standard, owned many cruising yachts, a narrow-boat and now powerboats and I believe I understand what makes a good picture and how to show off a boat in her best light. So if I’m alongside photographing your boat don’t be surprised if I shout over to “pull a sheet out of the water” or “stop staring at the camera”; and don’t worry if I seem very close as I have a fair idea of what you are likely to do next.

My experience with photography goes back to grainy, slow ISO films which took days and weeks to be processed and later 35mm transparencies with a particular interest in animated presentations of yachts and dinghies racing at close quarters for sailing clubs. Today I use digital technology which is frankly amazing. Wide aperture, zoom lenses and one handed operation whilst steering the rib are in order with minimal post processing of the images taken. Frequently the photo opportunity lasts just seconds with no time to re shoot or compose the picture.

As a boat owner and photographer I’ve long been aware of the difficulty of obtaining showcase pictures of my own boats. I always wanted a gallery of craft I’ve owned on a wall at home and I hope this service will give pleasure to anyone seeking a record of their own much loved and beautiful boats.


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